Wild Hog Wooden 3D Puzzle Tensaw Lake Outdoors

Wild Hog Wooden 3D Puzzle

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This puzzle is part of our Delta Critters Puzzle Set.

When the Spaniards arrived in Mobile Bay in the 1500s, they brought hogs and other livestock with them to establish a reliable food supply. Throughout the centuries, as others settled in the surrounding area, they also brought a little bacon with them. However, many times they underestimated the tenacity and cunning of their livestock, and some would frequently escape to the haven of the woods and swamps.

Today's Wild Hog population in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is tough and hardy; capable of shrugging off the casualties inflicted upon them by seasonal flooding and predators such as Alligators and local sportsmen.

Our Wild Hog puzzle is roughly 5.5" long by 3.5" high and 0.75" thick. It is hand-made from premium white pine and finished with Danish Oil.

Tensaw Lake Outdoors