Whitetail Buck Deer Wooden 3d Puzzle Tensaw Lake Outdoors

Whitetail Buck Deer Wooden 3D Puzzle

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This puzzle is part of our Delta Critters Puzzle Set.

Here in the delta swamp, there's not much clover for the Whitetail Buck deer to munch on. Instead, he relies on thousands of acres of mature oak hardwoods to produce the nutritious acorns he needs to grow his impressive antlers. Harvesting a mature Whitetail buck from the delta swamp is considered by many sportsmen in the area to be the epitome of success a hunter can achieve. With it's maze-like waterways, seasonal flooding, and vast palmetto flats, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is a sanctuary that has allowed many deer to avoid hunters' best efforts.

Our Whitetail Buck Deer is hand made from premium white pine and finished with Danish Oil. It measures roughly 4" high by 5" long and 0.75" wide. 

Tensaw Lake Outdoors