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With a handle hand-made from good-lookin' and durable red oak, military grade bungee, and BIG decoy clips, the Mo'betta Jerk Rig is "mo'betta" than the competition in every way. Like your favorite retriever dog or shotgun, it doesn't just work, it looks good while doing it. 

  • Hand-made by a duck hunter, for duck hunters.
  • Puts lots of natural motion in your decoys and doesn't flare ducks
  • Premium oak handle is ergonomic, attractive, durable, and it floats. Fits easily in a pocket and looks good clipped to your wader d-rings.
  • 100ft main line. Tough and easy on the hands, it won't snap if you trip over it or jerk a little too enthusiastically.
  • 10ft (longest on the market) length of military-grade bungee to give your decoys more motion. Made to last in wet and nasty conditions.
  • Clips are strong and allow you to easily place your decoys where YOU want them, not where the manufacturer decided to tie the clips. Even when your hands are wet and cold and it's dark and foggy out, they make it super quick and easy to set up and get hidden before crunch-time.

While the Mo'betta Jerk Rig is made to be the last rig you ever need, we offer a full warranty if it breaks or you hate it. Just ship it back to us within 30 days of receipt and we'll refund the full purchase price. 

We also sell all the components of the rig separately if just want to tie on a new bungee before the season starts or build your own DIY jerk rig.

Please note that unlike some jerk rigs you may have seen, the mo'betta jerk rig does not include an anchor. This is because the tiny folding grapnel anchors usually packaged with cheaper jerk rigs just don't work. They almost always pull loose while you are pulling on the jerk rig. When we use our jerk rigs we prefer to do the following:

  • Ideally, we pass the snap bolt and bungee around a tree or bush and clip it to itself. In the timber you always have a good anchor nearby so it makes no sense to carry one in. This is the best way to anchor any jerk rig.
  • Alternatively, a length of bamboo, cane, willow, or pvc can be inserted into the mud to serve as an anchor. 
  • If all else fails, we recommend at least a 5lb anchor. We use mushroom anchors in deep water or in areas where driving a stake is not convenient.

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