brown Pelican wooden 3d Puzzle Tensaw Lake outdoors

Brown Pelican Wooden 3D Puzzle

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The Brown Pelican is an instantly-recognizable bird that has been adopted as the mascot of many Gulf Coast entities. While she may look massive, the Brown Pelican is actually the smallest pelican species in the world. The Brown Pelican is a keen fisherman, and the sight of pelicans diving head-first into the water to fill their unique bill pouch with water and baitfish is considered a good sign by the Gulf Coast's shore anglers.

Our Brown Pelican 3D Puzzle is roughly 4" wide by 5" tall and 0.75" thick. It is made from premium white pine and finished with Danish Oil. Part of our Gulf Coast Critters Puzzle Collection, it is the perfect gift for anybody who loves the sugar-white sands of Alabama's coast.

Tensaw Lake Outdoors