american alligator wooden 3d puzzle tensaw lake outdoors llc

American Alligator Wooden 3D Puzzle

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This puzzle is part of our Delta Critters Puzzle Set.

The undisputed King of the Delta, a mature American Alligator is probably the closest thing to a flesh-and-blood dinosaur you'll ever get to see. On a hot summer night on the Tensaw River, it's not uncommon to hear the thunderous bellow of the adult male's mating call. Despite their formidable size and predatory nature, most alligators pose little threat to humans who use a little common sense. Don't feed them, give them a little room, and enjoy watching a primordial predator stalk his domain.

Our American Alligator 3D puzzle is roughly 10" long by 3.5" high and 0.75" thick. It is hand-made from premium white pine and finished with Danish Oil.

Tensaw Lake Outdoors