About Us

Tensaw Lake Outdoors is a small, Alabama-based company specializing in high-quality, hand-made wooden jerk rigs and other outdoor-themed wooden items.

Our owner, Nick Williams, is an avid outdoorsman who contracted "duck fever" after shooting his first pair of wood ducks one morning with a single-shot 20 gauge on a small creek on the property he deer hunted. In his words,

"Every time I sat that creek hoping a big ole buck would come cruising along, I'd sit there in the cold twiddling my thumbs and watch wood ducks swimming in the water. Finally, a lightbulb came on and I figured it was probably a better duck killing spot than a deer killing one. I crept back in the next morning, stood behind a bush on the creek bank, and had a drake and a hen down within a minute or two of legal shooting light. I figured I was pretty slick until they started drifting away. I ended up wading up to my chest to fetch them up because I didn't even own any waders! It was a bit of a stretch at the time, but I've always been glad I paid to have them mounted. "

That simple hunt started a fire within Nick, and within a few years he was serious enough about shooting ducks that he bought a home on the banks of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta so that he could hunt every single day of the season. He quickly learned that the name of the game was constant scouting and relocating to stay on top of pressured birds.

He also realized that toting around a huge sack full of decoys quickly became too much trouble and work in the densely vegetated and swampy terrain. He tried several popular motion decoys in an effort to cut weight without sacrificing duck pulling ability, but was frustrated by heavy batteries, faulty electronic circuits, and the fact that many times the unrealistic motion would flare birds at the last moment.

Always one for simplicity, he started packing along a jerk rig. These, he discovered, were much more reliable, lighter to carry, and capable of more realistically imitating ducks on the water. 

The only problem was the general shoddiness of commercially available jerk rigs. He tried every one he could get his hands on and finally started making his own.

Once he started showing his new jerk rig off to friends, people started asking, "How much?" Just like those two ducks started a passion for waterfowl hunting, two simple words launched a business!